602-272-4600Indianapolis, IN.  The American Basketball Association (ABA) www.abalive.com today announced its 2011-12 ABA All Star Teams. For the first time ever, a professional sports league has created three separate teams which will compete against one another in a round robin tournament during the ABA Final Four Championship Playoffs.  “We’ve been watching the declining interest in All Star Games at the NBA, NFL and MLB level and decided to change formats,” stated Dick Packer, ABA President/COO.  “The three ABA All Star teams will play a round robin tournament for prize money which will give them added incentive to perform at peak level – it will be a winner take all format, the team winning two games will get the trophies and prize money.  Is this unusual? You bet…but innovation is the heart and soul of the ABA and we think the fans will enjoy the new All Star format.”

ABA All Star Red Team – Head Coach – Eric Stoffel, Colorado Kings
PG     Brian Calloway, Fayetteville Flight
PG    Tony White, South Carolina Warriors
SG    Corey Campbell, Colorado Kings
SG    Sheldon Carter, Carolina Cougars
SF    Jack Brown, Richmond Elite
SF    Marlo Sanders, West Texas Whirlwinds
PF    Nick Barton, Missouri Rhythm
PF    Justin Barber, Richmond Rockets
C      Rob Turner, Arizona Scorpions
C      Marcus Stockton, Colorado Kings

Honorable Mention
PG    Sheldon Pace, San Diego Sol
SG    Dunnell Webb, San Diego Surf
SF    Rashaad Moss, Little Rock Lightning
PF    Andreus Lee, Bluff City Reign
C      Derek Wabbington, Arizona Scorpions

ABA All Star White Team – Head Coach – Chris Beard, South Carolina Warriors
PG    Mike Vogler, SC Warriors
PG    Chico Fletcher, NE Arkansas SWAG
SG    Deandre Hall, Texas FUEL
SG     Saire Taylor, Staten Island Vipers
SF     Damien Hubbard, Lynchburg Legends
SF     Dontgae Hilton, Memphis Bluff City Reign
PF     Chris Woods, Carolina Cheetahs
PF     Carl Artids, Alaska Drive
C       Jermaine Bell, Jacksonville Giants
C       Keith Closs, LA SLAM

Honorable Mention
PG    Derek Foster, San Francisco Rumble
SG    Jordon Boreman, East Bay Pitbulls
SF     Rashaad Powell, Seattle Mountaineers
PF     Marcus Sanderds, West Texas Whirlwinds
C       Marquis Gainous, South Carolina Warriors

ABA All Star Blue Team – Head Coach – Zack Jones, San Diego Sol
PG      KJ Lawrence, Little Rock Lightning
PG      Deangelo Jackson, Sacramento Heatwave
SG      Cordell Butler, San Francisco RUMBLE
SG      Eli Muldrow, Conway Cyclones
SF      John Clark, San Diego Sol
SF      Andre Muse, Chicago Steam
PF      Shawn Buckingham, Port City Pirates
PF      Matt Fields, Jacksonville Giants
C        Jimmy Allen, East Bay Pit Bulls
C        Michael Travis, San Francisco RUMBLE

Honorable Mention
PG    Jamar Butler, Lima Explosion
SG    Lavel Jeufille, Port City Pirates
SF    Donald Whitfield, Colorado Kings
PF    David Kinder, San Diego SURF
C      Dwayne Blakely, Missouri Rhythm

“If any of the players on the Red, White or Blue teams cannot make the game for any reason, including because they are competing in the playoffs,” added Packer, “they will be replaced by one of the Honorable Mention players.  This season, the ABA had over 700 very good players, truly outstanding talent. It was very difficult to choose and our method of selection came from nominations from the teams as to their outstanding players.  We think these 45 represent the cream of the crop from those nominated.”

For more information, visit www.abalive.com.


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